“Human’s ability to grow is infinite when they feel safe” – Carl Rogers



As a registered clinical psychologist I believe that individuals have immense potential to deal with challenges when they are in a safe and non-judgmental environment. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by what you or someone in your life is going through and in need for growth or change, I would like to invite you to take a moment and look at my website.


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My name is Leandri Beyers. I am a clinical psychologist. I have a passion for assisting children, individuals, couples and families with psychotherapy. I believe that the quality of our lives depends on our relationships. Hence, I believe that the way we relate with our environment and the response we get plays a direct role in our mental health and overall satisfaction. For the last 10 years I have been working with children, individuals, couples and families from all walks of life and a range of different problems. To read more about my career and qualifications, go to my about page

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