Sex Therapy

“Erotic intelligence stretches far beyond a repertoire of sexual techniques. It is

an intelligence that celebrates curiosity and play, the power of imagination,

and our infinite fascination with what is hidden and mysterious”-Esther Perel


There are a couple of things that are expected of us to just know how to do as

humans. One of these things is how to have a fulfilling sex life. In a society

where we are often taught about the risks and religious taboo’s around sex,

our need for sex becomes a conflict that we often struggle to negotiate.

In relationships, sex often represents more than just the mechanics of the

deed itself, it also communicates connection, attention and that the other

person is important to you.


Sexual difficulties often have an underlying psychological component ranging

from performance anxiety, low self-esteem, ineffective relationship dynamics,

poor erotic intelligence to ‘sexual fragmentation’ to name a few.


Sex therapy hence focuses on addressing the psychological aspects behind sexual

difficulties such as:


Sessions are focused on couples or individuals. Therapy is available in Afrikaans and English.

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